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Reading Poetry | Without and Always
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Without and Always

Without and Always

wings are not enough to make me fly
God’s words made me zoom up above
He said He’ll never forsake us
He proved it many times before
I walk each step with a beat
my scattered heart I’m collecting
He sings to me in every path I take
Warning me to keep myself safe
As I run, tears fall like droplets
I couldn’t tell whether I’m happy
maybe I’m too overwhelmed
He said I’m nothing without Him
then I realized it’s the truth
the message I’ve been searching for
He opened up my eyes and made me see
we all have missions in life
I want to know what’s mine
death is still a mystery I dislike
fear is forgotten for a while
I was afraid to survive without you
then God tapped my shoulder
He whispered in my ears
He said you’ll remain in my heart always

by: tinyredrose13
written last June 7, 2010

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