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Reading Poetry | Uneven Split
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Uneven Split

Started my days off seeing the smile on your face

Ended nights with a kiss, knowing no one would ever take your place

We were on the same page, both seemed happy with the pace

Then feelings changed so quickly, left wondering why, my feelings didn’t erase

In my heart there’s a big area that’ll always belong to you

Just sad you can’t feel some of the same things and there’s nothing I can do

The way time stands still in those beautiful brown eyes, girl if you only knew

I just want you to be happy, but right now situation has me so blue.

You said I made you trip on your words, would get you tongue tied

Well you would make my heart melt when you lay on my side

We would make future plans, which with us seemed open wide

Everyday made each other smile, what we both felt can’t be denied

Miss the way we would just look at each other and smile

Then how you’d shake your head at me in that knee-buckling style

Miss how then my hands through your hair I’d run for a while

The way you said I made you feel so calm, would make me feel so worthwhile

The ways I’d give you goosebumps, the ways you’d tickle and tease

How when we had bad days we would put each other’s mind at ease

We were always trying to make the other happy, always trying to please

We were friends first, now there’s nothing, it’s our opportunity to seize

Said you were excited to see me, gave you something to look forward

Didn’t mind my goofballness, even seemed to like that I was a nerd

I don’t want to tie you down, I’ll always let you soar like a bird

Because I trust you completely, you who you are, is what I’ve always preferred

Said at one time if you were single you’d be all over that

Well now’s the time you are so don’t be afraid to take your at bat

And if my words don’t do anything, and these feelings on you fall flat

At least I made a fool of myself and gave you something to laugh at

Understand you need time to clear your head, but don’t forget what we shared.

You may feel some pressure from me but I promise you shouldn’t be scared

You came to me for a reason, because since we met I’ve always truly cared

Don’t be afraid to open your heart up to me again when you finally feel repaired

I don’t mind if we start at a crawl, or just casual, friendly conversations

Because losing you completely like this has caused me supreme frustrations

Just to have you again I promise there will be no expectations

This just hurts right now that we cant have any communications

It’s weird nothing went wrong and you brought this to an abrupt end

And with doing nothing wrong, I’m confused, on how I can get this to mend

Our bond shouldn’t just die it’s something we should try and extend

Doesn’t feel like I just lost you as that special girl, I also lost my special friend.

There’s a hole in my days where you used to be

The pictures on my phone that you sent for me to see

Now I’m feeling all alone because you aren’t with me

Oh babe please come back, I really miss you Kyley


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