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Think of the joy we could have.
The Love that could grow.
the laughs we could share
and the happiness that would shine

We could have it all babe
We could take the world by storm
We would show it what true love is
and enjoy our lives while holding each others hands

What would we know?
What would we show?
What is it that we could let happen
and what would blossom from our love?

To me love brings peace
peace that cant be faked
To me love is beautiful
more beautiful then the world its self

Its something that can last forever
Its something that be life changing at the least
It also something that can hurt
and its something that can heal

To you these randoms thought may be silly
To you these random thought may to mean one thing
To you, you may have totally different views
and to you, that perfectly fine

We’ll all have our differences
We’ll all have our troubles
We’ll all have our random  thoughts
and we’ll all be as we are; individuals

And in closing I’d like to say that even though I may not know you
and even though you may not care
That I love you for you
And that love for all is something I’d like to share =]

Im a open writer, poetry, short stories, and product review articles. I like everything there is about writing!

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