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Reading Poetry | Essence of Passion
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Essence of Passion

Soft, silky, sheets of intimacy’s bliss

Passion that allows the spirit to fly

From fingers touch to the kiss of the lips

An energy that lights the soul’s fire


Embracing the essence of smooth sweetness

Seducing mentality verbally

Now left completely breathless and speechless

Drawing a portrait of pure ecstasy


The hands move for time

Time cannot catch up to forever

The irrelevant ticking that runs the world

Making the heart skip beats and lungs catch breath


Taking in the air of this passed event

Experience the essence of passion

I have the strongest passion for writing that you can ever imagine. In fact, I have a very strong passion for the Arts in general. They're about feeling and expression, the power to let your mind wonder and let others join you in wonderment. So me, I'm an artist of sorts. I take everything I see and make it creative. Whether it be a story or a poem, whether or be a painting or a sketch, or some lyrical piece, I make sure that my ART is creative no matter what. I make sure it's creative, it's love, it's me...

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