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Reading Poetry | The Wise Commoner
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The Wise Commoner

Complexity in a commoner’s view

Ignorance darkens the sly wise man’s light

Which side of the battle shall one fight?

Assuming neither will choose to subdue


What becomes clear when the day is through?

The deaths of men leave you awake at night

A demon that climbs to the angel’s height

Proving the lies that have come to be true


What beyond the truth, the sinner lays there

Breathless and restless and he cries forlorn

Humility in the blood runs so rare

And this is the day that the saint is born


Believing the commoner’s view to care

Giving a reason to the wise man’s morn

I have the strongest passion for writing that you can ever imagine. In fact, I have a very strong passion for the Arts in general. They're about feeling and expression, the power to let your mind wonder and let others join you in wonderment. So me, I'm an artist of sorts. I take everything I see and make it creative. Whether it be a story or a poem, whether or be a painting or a sketch, or some lyrical piece, I make sure that my ART is creative no matter what. I make sure it's creative, it's love, it's me...

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