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Reading Poetry | Murder and Lies
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Murder and Lies

Have a seat, this may take awhile
I can tell what your thing just by your grim little smile
Your sick twisted ways are only getting worse
Your words to me only end up as another nonsense verse
Blinded by your demented visions
Destroying hopes and dreams seems to be your only mission
You sit by and watch as you watch murder in its most suttle form
Influential action causing people to conform
Killing who they really are; only to try being noticed
Trying to blend in with the crowds proving to be no easy test
Simple experiments turn out to be an epic fail
You try to to transform into what they want but to no avail
To you these words may be nothing
or they could be your salvation
Its all just a matter of simple interpatation

Im a open writer, poetry, short stories, and product review articles. I like everything there is about writing!

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