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Reading Poetry | Left the Car Running
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Left the Car Running

I’ve kicked the can with the sun and moon,

Played the It character while they hid behind the stars.

I counted to infinity, could their giggles.

I’ve been a child with the universe.


I tucked the night away after it held the world.

Walked the sunrise to the road so it could take over for a while.

Whispered to the clouds of storms to behave themselves.

I have been a parent with the world.


Now, I haven’t forgotten about you.

My words have me pretending like I don’t see you.

But I know you are there, I promise I do.

Come along with me, to see the universe.

I left the car running on the edge of existence.


Hey, I'm Mike, and i love to write. It truly is the last known form to truly be immortal. I was in the Air Force, until a brain tumor forced my discharge. But even without that, I still have the almighty pen & paper. I write everything, but horror is my hobby, and poetry is my passion.



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