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I dreamt a wild dream last night

Heard about two girl cousins

On my mom’s side of family

Who live in Louisiana


Both bred by female chimpanzee

And long lost crazy uncle

Who disappeared or passed on long ago

Mom say’s she never knew him


But mom’s got second and third cousins everywhere

All of whom she keeps in touch with,

Chatting on the phone, going out to dinner

When they come to Chicago


Anyway, I go to see the older of these two sisters

She’s singing in a punk-rock band

Wearing thin cotton loose-waist pink dress,

Dirty bare feet, lots of bracelets on one wrist


With low silky southern voice

And this way of closing her eyes in a trance

Falling off stage but not getting hurt

Then climbing up to balcony


Leaping out into audience

And somehow gracefully catching herself as she crashes

After the show I meet my cousins backstage

The performer is prettier, younger sister more muscular


They’re both friendly and attractive

In small town school-girl kind of way

I tell them I’m a figurative painter

And ask if they will model for me


They agree, and begin to take off their clothes

I hear a dog barking outside

Then waking from dream

Realize, it’s a car starting up in January cold





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