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Reading Poetry | Into the Rain
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Into the Rain

Sunny no longer is the day
As the clouds drive the sun away
Children scurry off the street
Rain and pavement finally meet

Lightning strikes behind the hilltops
Thunder roars of crackles and pops
Gradually it begins to pour
Birds no longer able to soar

“Just a light rainstorm,” they had said
The chalk drawing could no longer be read
Flashes of lightning fill the sky
Booms of thunder made the baby cry

Heavier the rain would descend
No way to tell when it’ll end
Another flash of bright light
No longer in the house was their sight

Darkness had filled my room
All that would be heard was the thunder’s boom
I laid there restless to the rain’s sounds
And to the howls of the wild hounds

The rain seems to be so free
Something I have longed to be
Tonight my room is not where I’ll stay
But outside on a rainy day.

Angelique Graven

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  • Just!ne

    This is awesome! I love the imagery being portrayed here, and it almost makes me wish it would rain right now! : )

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