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Reading Poetry | If you could sense my love…
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If you could sense my love…

If one could see more than a point,

You could have seen through my eyes

What there in my heart,

that shows me  you

even when you are not present.

If  ears could hear more than rattles,

You could have heard

what my heart beats,

the name it speaks in a rhythm,

i can hear only you.

If one could smell the water,

you could have smell my tears,

shred for you.

But now you can’t,

i think i am wasted.

wasted with a slit in my heart.

And that will stay for ever,

Till it leaks you out…



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  • Just!ne

    Wow. This reminds me of a previous passionate relationship I had. Not sure I’ll ever be out of love with that person!

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