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Reading Poetry | I fell in love on Halloween
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I fell in love on Halloween

I fell in love on Halloween

I met a woman no other had ever seen.

She had eyes that were the world

Upon a glistening, perfect pearl.

She was a mix of song and season,

Soft and stark, rhyme and reason.

She was beauty upon beauty intertwined

Then she showed my this was not her time, only mine.

We lay on red silk sheets, side by side

Then she showed me how she died.

I’d witnessed her passion, her mind and thoughts, dreams.

She stood before me, and came undone at the seams.

Everything fell out, spilled out, kept going.

The crimson stained the silk, covered toes, would not stop flowing.

I drowned and lived, drowned in blood, drowned in tears.

I saw what no one ever sees, I heard what no one ever hears.

I stood aghast, watched in sorrow, at how a body was now a fen,

And in my sadness, and as I mourn, I make it flow again.

This time in ink, a deep thick black, aptly morbid.

I have to tell that I’ve watched a thing so sordid.

She bled and oozed and fell apart.

I still live, and will die, with a broken heart.

I may bed

And I may wed.

But I still grieve.

I fell in love, on Hallows Eve.


The self-examined pen

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  • pantheo

    Simple, Intriguing and Finally lovely…
    Great work dear.

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