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Reading Poetry | Hopeless Dreamer
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Hopeless Dreamer

I looked for that which is not, nor can be

Only my heart wakes up to a distant dream

Reality chimes in with a cleverness grin

Now is not the time for hopeless dreams

The sense of wanting what cannot be given to you

And to still fight a useless fight, gaining patience

Whether it is common or not to want I want it anyway

To grab the light I dream of while drowning in an ocean of darkness

The light dims, as I declare there was never a purpose

And since no purpose existed, does my wanting resign?

Decisions to be made out of my control

Conquering the quest of letting go, but never really doing so

The light dims, as I declare that there is no glass half full

Though as thirsty I may be, there lies no reason to refill

Be that as it may, thirst becomes me once I make my last impression

O the life I live will continue to charade about

Oh the hopeless dreamer, strange weary maiden

If there is nothing but dreams to follow

Time can no longer be a waste

If there is no time left at all

I have the strongest passion for writing that you can ever imagine. In fact, I have a very strong passion for the Arts in general. They're about feeling and expression, the power to let your mind wonder and let others join you in wonderment. So me, I'm an artist of sorts. I take everything I see and make it creative. Whether it be a story or a poem, whether or be a painting or a sketch, or some lyrical piece, I make sure that my ART is creative no matter what. I make sure it's creative, it's love, it's me...

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