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Reading Poetry | Caution in Rhyming
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Caution in Rhyming

It wasn’t that simple, of course. There are always shades of gray and other clichés, and things that rhyme from English to French, and rhythmic things with aroma and stench; all contradictory things exist in the world, throughout; all divine healing occurs, in a young-woman’s mouth. The beautiful and the vulgar exist all as one, and the same; the hopeless and gifted touch each other’s tongues, in God’s name. Touch each other’s bellies and touch genitalia. Things are sexual in the world of men. In the world of human beings, but I am a misogynist. The previous sentence could trick an innocent reader unaware of my extreme confidence. Confidence often stumbles into cockiness. Do you realize I break grammatical rules in a way which I deem clever at the drop of the proverbial cowboy hat and throw caution to the windmills’ blades I see cruising down I-70 when I go West in the summertime?

Writer, Drummer, Landman, Gambler

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