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Reading Poetry | Anthem for the Dogs of War
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Anthem for the Dogs of War

War is hell, that’s what the say anyways.

Isn’t it?

This is life for me, to some others.

While I see grown men cry.

I’ve heard other’s say this is what nightmare’s are made of.

The blood and carnage of my brothers I wear like badges,

I’m here to do a job.

I here securing freedom and safety, for my loved one’s back home.

They say we are doing this for peace.

War, for peace.

Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Thus the Anthem for the Dogs of War, that’s what this is.

This, and the ringing from the explosions,

Bullet cases.

And the screams of my platoon. Those screams that I hear in my sleep.

I guess they got it right,

It is hard to tell this from the things in my sleep.

Maybe right now, I’m sleeping.

And I’ll wake up at home. Without the blood and gore, the horror and terror.

But I know better.

The Anthem for the Dogs of War.

And I’m just a puppy running around scared.


Hey, I'm Mike, and i love to write. It truly is the last known form to truly be immortal. I was in the Air Force, until a brain tumor forced my discharge. But even without that, I still have the almighty pen & paper. I write everything, but horror is my hobby, and poetry is my passion.


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